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“Volunteerism is the noblest principle in the world. We should try to make our main purpose in life is to help and change in other people's life. As we are one of most powerful student activities in Suez university and an outstanding branch of AAPG whose main target is to reduce the gap between theoretical study and practical life to help students continue their career successfully, we also focus on providing value to others in order to leave an impact in their life. We aim to widen their horizons and enrich their soft skills. We believe that our member is our brand. So, our main vision this season is to ensure the main target of a student activity -well developed member- is being achieved. "

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AAPG International

From our full belief of working in AAPG and from the explosion of AAPG SU SC which started by “Lead, inspire, make a difference”. And we really did it, until everybody here can finally “Unleash the leader inside”, We continued with more and more spirit and effort .

  • 45% of AAPG membership holds a title of manager or above.
  • AAPG membership includes over 8,000 students.
  • 39% of AAPG membership lives outside the United States.
  • For 43% of the membership, exploration is the primary concentration. Another 18% have their primary concentration in development/reservoir management.

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Insider AAPG

For the past few years, AAPG has organised many great Events that you've missed but it's not late.

Es3a 2

After the great success of "Es3a" that was held the last season, "Es3a 2" was held to follow what "Es3a" started but in different topics also with different speakers.

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Out of the knowledge that a large segment of graduates find it really hard to find a job in the field they spent years studying in, we created an event that will talk about something that lately has become very popular which is; freelancing.

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Khalda Training

In April, 2015 AAPG Suez has organized a training to Khalda Petroleum company at el Salam base. Ten students have the opportunity to visit the company field and then had a tour there to see the rigs.

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Scientific Articles

AAPG suez has made a collection of scientific articles about petroleum field as general which we believe it will be very important to know about them as they would help establish the basics of this field.

Petroleum can determine the destinies of people and countries, so being in touch with its latest news is a priority.

We provide "PetroNews" campaign so that you can cope up with the latest news of petroleum field.

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Minute schools

On the 5th of November 2015, the academy team in AAPG Suez paid a visit to the experimental secondary school in Suez. There, our team was able to widen the students' horizon and enrich their knowledge of student activity and what they will see at university.

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Activation Program

AAPG Suez believes in its role to share the value and real meaning of professionalism to other student communities. According to Activation program, this is "Mudway" event in Menoufya University organized by AAPG mnf SC.

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PetroPulse is one of AAPG Suez's main projects. It presents our front for all the world. PetroPulse has four issues, you can check them now.

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