Triple Effect

Blood Donation Campaign

It's an AAPG SUEZ permenant project with triple Effect and Takatof which is held twice a year. Triple Effect has succeeded to aware students with the benefits of blood donation and spread the idea of blood donation at Suez University. Hundreds of students participate in this charitable project and donate their blood because they know the value and the effect it will make.

Location : Al-Ma'mal campus

A Deviation In The Deviation

This equation " PV=nRT " is one of the most important equations in petroleum engineering, it is simply the ideal gas law, we use it to calculate amount of gas production in gas reservoirs, but is the gas really ideal?

Why Freelancing !?

Out of the knowledge that a large segment of graduates find it really hard to find a job in the field they spent years studying in, we created an event that will talk about something that lately has become very popular which is freelancing.