About AAPG

When it comes to student activities, AAPG Suez is the perfect entity to think of. AAPG Suez is considered one of the best AAPG student activities worldwide by winning the outstanding student chapter award twice. Our main target is to reduce the gap between theoretical study and practical life to help students continue their career successfully through carrying out multiple courses, technical events and conferences, as well as developing their qualifications through comprehensive development programs to teach them various soft skills. AAPG Suez has huge impact in community services in Suez, as "Minute Schools" project which aims to develop high school students’ knowledge with college life and soft skills, besides launching awareness campaigns as our annual blood donation campaign “triple effect”, and holding job fairs. Being the strongest student activity in Suez University, our vision this season to make AAPG Suez role model, which will be done through each member in the chapter by being highly qualified and professional. So welcome to our website, wishing you to get the maximum benefit of it.

Waleed Elwakeel
AAPG Suez President


  • The AAPG Student Chapter Book Gift:
    The Student Chapter Book Gift allows for active chapters to receive up to $250 in AAPG publications for their geoscience library.

  • Student Chapter YouTube Video Award:
    AAPG awards the student chapter of the most interacted with YouTube video. The video describes the achievements done all over the season.

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