About AAPG

“Volunteerism is the noblest principle in the world. We should try to make our main purpose in life is to help and change in other people's life. As we are one of most powerful student activities in Suez university and an outstanding branch of AAPG whose main target is to reduce the gap between theoretical study and practical life to help students continue their career successfully, we also focus on providing value to others in order to leave an impact in their life. We aim to widen their horizons and enrich their soft skills. We believe that our member is our brand. So, our main vision this season is to ensure the main target of a student activity -well developed member- is being achieved. We focus on developing our members to be able to boost their presence in their careers. We also create many technical events to advance the science of petroleum geology and raise the students' technical level. Finally, we wish you to find this website useful for you and get the most benefit from it.’’

Mostafa Basiouny
AAPG Suez President


  • The AAPG Student Chapter Book Gift:
    The Student Chapter Book Gift allows for active chapters to receive up to $250 in AAPG publications for their geoscience library.

  • Student Chapter YouTube Video Award:
    AAPG awards the student chapter of the most interacted with YouTube video. The video describes the achievements done all over the season.

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