About AAPG

To me, AAPG Suez is the greatest of all time, but what about others? To others, it is all about what benefit they would get and how much value presented and we, at AAPG Suez, know how to do that best. Starting with our very significant Development Programs that provide the necessary development for those AAPGians to do their best and fulfill great achievements through many products, projects and events. Doing this, we serve the great purpose of reducing the gap between theoretical study and practical life in the field and job market. We do so, not only in the technical field of Oil and Gas, but also in the non-technical fields. It is our duty towards others to have a share of our development, so, we have Activation Program to share our experience with other student activities and Minute Schools project to do so for secondary students and prepare them for a promising college life. Our share in community service is also essential and applied through various awareness campaigns and Charity Program. Simply, all of this would for sure prove to others that we are the greatest of all time and deserve to be named the Outstanding International Student Chapter, not only once, but twice and counting through our non-stopping journey of development here, in the Technical Portal. So, welcome to our website where you can seek proof of our great achievements and enrich yourself with outstanding value.

Mohamed Mashaly
AAPG Suez President


  • The AAPG Student Chapter Book Gift:
    The Student Chapter Book Gift allows for active chapters to receive up to $250 in AAPG publications for their geoscience library.

  • Student Chapter YouTube Video Award:
    AAPG awards the student chapter of the most interacted with YouTube video. The video describes the achievements done all over the season.

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