Activation Program AAPG Suez Menoufya University

Activation Program | SME

Description: The program was held by collaboration with SME Suez Chapter. The program included a session about “Negotiation Skills”.

Time: December 25th, 2018
Attendees: 20 students

Location : Shamsia Co-Working Space, Suez, Egypt

3D Seismic Surveying

Oil and gas exploration needs information from many sources: well logging, geological reports, geophysical methods...Etc. From the geophysical methods: 2D, 3D and 4D surveying according to dimensions we are dealing with.

Why Freelancing !?

Out of the knowledge that a large segment of graduates find it really hard to find a job in the field they spent years studying in, we created an event that will talk about something that lately has become very popular which is freelancing.