For the past few years, AAPG has organised many great Events that you've missed but it's not late because you can now get all what you need to know and get access to all what you've missed all in one place.
And in order to do that; we've collected all what you need to know about our outstanding Events and Work so you can get access to all what you've missed; All what you need to do is to choose what you're missing and get to know it now.

Es3a 5

Our mega event "Es3a" has become more than just an event, it's a new way of adding value proving that success has no limits.

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For the third consecutive year, we are still digging for knowledge to produce much more, and pleased to launch "OGIC 3" in collaboration with Kuwait Energy Egypt, the Main Sponsor.

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Job Fair

AAPG Suez Job fair provided more than 200 different job opportunities, in collaboration with many great companies to contributing directly in solving partially the problrm of unemployment

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Kuwait Energy Economics & Business
Enppi Processing Course
PhPC Office Training
Es3a 5
PetroUp 4
Scholarships Hunt
Oil and Gas Industry Conference 3
AAPG Opening Party & Recruitment
Mobil Lubricants School
AAPG Technical Week 2
PHPC Summer Training
Graduate Essentials
PetroUp 3
Es3a 4
PhPC Winter Internship
GPC Winter Training
AAPG Suez Job Fair
Qarun Winter Training
AAPG Winter Schools
Kuwait Energy Job Shadowing
Profitable Marketing
STC Reservoir Simulation Course
Chevron Lubricants School
Khalda Office Training
Oil and Gas Industry Conference 2
AAPG Technical week
EREX Petrophysics and Modeling School
Es3a 3
PetroGulf Training
Enap Well Completion School
PetroUp 2 (New Techniques of Drilling)
GPC Field Trip
IT Mentoring Program
CHRT Program
Kuwait Energy HR Day
Kuwait Energy Drilling & Production Sessions
Oil and Gas Industry Conference
Career Excellence Program 2
Guidance ( Technical Mentoring Program )
Career Excellence Program
Career Advising Program
Es3a 2
Napesco fishing seminar
Geology & Geophysics free course
English TOT
Khalda training 2
Apache School
Saint Cathrine and Ras Shetan Trip
West Bakr field trip
Halliburton directional drilling session
The Way to America
NAPESCO yard trips
Why Freelancing !?
Haliburton Yard Trip
Qarun field Trip
Job Fair
GMES Mini-Conference
Khalda Training 1
Es3a 1
English for Success
Geological Field Trip
Schlumberger Yard Trip
Ambassadors for Dialogue
General Meeting
Opening Party
Petroleum Engineering Full Course
Learn2Earn training development program
Apache Logging School