Enap Well Completion School

Technical study increases knowledge, but to increase experience of what you may encounter in field work, you have to take your steps with care and great tact. So we come with a new chance to do so.
Well Completion is the process of making an oil or gas well ready for commercial production if the presence of hydrocarbons prove the project to be feasibly viable.
AAPG in cooporation with Enab provided a school getting you the chance to know more about well completion.

Date : Thursday, 9th of March, 2017

Location : Company's Headuarters, Cairo.

Petroleum Traps

Trap is a place where oil andgas are barred from further movement. The word trap was first applied to a hydrocarbon accumulation by Orton ( 1889 ). A trap may contain oil, gas or both depending on the chemistry and level of maturation of the source rock and on the pressure and temperature of the reservoir itself.

Halliburton directional drilling session

On Tuesday 8th, Decemeber, AAPG Suez organized a technical session about directional drilling at El-Ma'mal (hall 21) held by the directional drilling manager at Halliburton Dr. Diab Saad.