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English For Success

The Deal was established between AAPG SU SC and an educational center in Suez ‘Master International Academy’ that offers a full course to University Students includes :
  • Professional English Speaker Diploma "8 English courses".
  • Essential Business Skills Diploma.
  • Market Leadership Diploma.
  • Professional Managers Diploma.

Date : 15/3/2015 - 15/4/2015

Location : We rent a prepared hall for the event

Speakers : Mr. Amr Eid

  • Professional English Speaker Diploma (PESD).
  • Express English for Business Communication.
  • English Communication for Oil & Gas Engineers Diploma (ECOGED).
  • English Communication for Medical Students (ECMS).

Well control

The term well control refers to the control of downhole formation pressures penetrated by the well. There are three distinct well control levels that may occur during drilling operations..

Geological Field Trip

On Saturday, 25th April, 2015, a yard Trip was organized for petroleum and geoscience students across the university by AAPG Suez.
The day started by a word of our chapter advisor Prof Dr. Ali Abbas about the geological site and the structure there.
Then there was a practical work of exploration and defining the rocks there.
Finally the students went through a tour visit in the site to see more and more under the supervision of our supervisor Prof Dr.Ali Abbas.