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Professional Coach and Speaker Preparation (English TOT)

In this Training Program, you'll Learn, through Theory & Practice, how to:
  • Get rid of your fear of public speaking.
  • Become a Confident Speaker, Coach, & Trainer.
  • Give professional ENGLISH talks and presentations.
  • Understand theories of multiple intelligences and use them in your classroom.
  • Fire up and motivate your audience, and inspire them to move and take action.
  • Use up-to-date training techniques in your classroom.
  • Build teams of learners and inspire them to compete ethically.
  • Use educational activities and games in your classroom.
  • Create your learning materials professionally and tailor them to your learners' needs.
  • Deal with difficult learners inside your classroom.
  • Evaluate your training program as well as your learners' performance.

Date : 1/2/2016

Location : Shamsia Space

Participants : 40 students and graduated

A Deviation In The Deviation

This equation " PV=nRT " is one of the most important equations in petroleum engineering, it is simply the ideal gas law, we use it to calculate amount of gas production in gas reservoirs, but is the gas really ideal?

Geology & Geophysics free course

As One of our main targets is to enrich the technical knowledge related to geoscience, AAPG and EREX (earth resources exploration) company are organizing a TWO DAY FREE TECHNICAL TRAINING COURSE about Geology and Geophysics .