GUIDANCE is a Technical Mentoring Program that aims to specific learning and development partnership between the learners and Engineers with vast experience who are willing to share what they know.
So Now AAPG offers you a real chance to increase your technical knowledge through our GUIDANCE (technical Mentoring Program). GUIDANCE is not just a program that gives you data to study about petroleum, it gives you the chance to know about applicable technologies in different topics in petroleum field.
The program is about conducting an Engineer to number of mentees through a course in specific field of petroleum industry. The fields include drilling, Petroleum Geology, Petroleum refining, and metallurgy Engineering.
The way of communication is ONLINE. And the duration of the program depends on the criteria of each mentor.
Our mentors are well experienced Engineers from INTERNATIONAL Petroleum Companies. Stay tuned to know more about them and their programs.
The program launches at 1/9. And the Registration Form will be available very soon.
NOTE: It isn't allowed for any mentee to leave the program by its end.

"One Person can make a difference, and everyone should try"
Don't miss the chance to empower yourself and boost your technical knowledge.

4D Seismic Surveying

Seismic surveying can be limited to two dimensions:length and width, three dimensions:length,width and height and four dimensions:length,width ,height and time. The last one is called: 4D seismic surveying or time-lapse surveying.

Napesco fishing seminar

As a petroleum engineer, you must have basic knowledge about fishing which is operation of extracting some object (called a fish ) that hinders drilling process.