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Khalda Training

2015 AAPG Suez has organized a training to Khalda Petroleum company at el Salam base.
Ten students have the opportunity to visit the company field and then had a tour there to see the rigs.
The training included the drilling techniques of the company and the production technologies of it.
The students had the opportunity of working on board of the rigs there.

Date : April, 2015

time: 4 days program

Location : El-Salam base

4D seismic surveying

Seismic surveying can be limited to two dimensions:len-gth and width, three dimensions:length,width and height and four dimensions:length,width ,height and time. The last one is called: 4D seismic surveying or time-lapse surveying. The objective is to determine the changes occurring ..


On March 4th, 2015 AAPG Suez organized a program of 5 sessions about working on petroleum and Geology field.
Five engineers from different companies shared their knowledge and experience of work to be able to accomplish our vision by reducing the gap between the student and the petroleum and geology market.