Oil and Gas Industry Conference 4

Oil and Gas Industry Conference (OGIC) has been fascinating us along 3 years, so we have been continuing that fascination and providing an outstanding technical value for all students in Oil and Gas Industry field represented, this year, at our mega technical event OGIC 4.
OGIC 4 has provided a real technical knowledge in addition to wonderful opportunities for all the attendees in collaboration with Kuwait Energy Egypt, our main sponsor, what made OGIC 4 achieve alot of success throughout 4 successful consecutive years.

Date : 19th of Oct, 2019.

Attendees: +200 attendees.

Location : Sheraton, Cairo, Egypt 11111, Greater Cairo Utility Data Center.

Well control

The term well control refers to the control of downhole formation pressures penetrated by the well. There are three distinct well control levels that may occur during drilling operations

Halliburton directional drilling session

On Tuesday 8th, Decemeber, AAPG Suez organized a technical session about directional drilling at El-Ma'mal (hall 21) held by the directional drilling manager at Halliburton Dr. Diab Saad.