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AAPG Suez organized a program of 5 sessions about working on petroleum and Geology field.
Five engineers from different companies shared their knowledge and experience of work to be able to accomplish our vision by reducing the gap between the student and the petroleum and geology market.

Date : 7/3/2015

Location : The Grand Hall at Engineers' Syndicate

Speakers :
  • Mr. Mohamed Nagi: Production engineering team leader at Schlumberger

  • Mr. Zkareya Nassar: Drilling completion and works as a rig supervisor at Apache

  • Mr. Hatem Ewida: General Manager at British petroleum

  • Mr. Ibrahim El-Anany: Drilling engineer at GUPCO

  • Mr. Mohamed Shalaby: Drilling fluid engineer at Baker Hughes

Petroleum Traps

Trap is a place where oil and gas are barred from further movement. The word trap was first applied to a hydrocarbon accumulation by Orton ( 1889 ). A trap may contain oil, gas or both depending on the chemistry and level of maturation of the source rock and on the pressure and temperature of the reservoir itself.

English For Success

The Deal was established between AAPG SU SC and an educational center in Suez Master International Academy that offers a full course to University Students includes :
-Professional English Speaker Diploma "8 English courses".
-Essential Business Skills Diploma.
-Market Leadership Diploma.
-Professional Managers Diploma.