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Qarun field Trip

In 29-10-2015, AAPG Suez organized a field trip to Qarun company , one of the largest owner companies in Egypt. There were 28 attendees .

Date : 29-10-2015

Location : Qarun company

attendees : 28

Petroleum Traps

Trap is a place where oil and gas are barred from further movement. The word trap was first applied to a hydrocarbon accumulation by Orton ( 1889 ). A trap may contain oil, gas or both depending on the chemistry and level of maturation of the source rock and on the pressure and temperature of the reservoir itself.

Es3a Seek The Peak

On April 4th, 2015, at the higher technological institute, AAPG SU conducted one of the largest mini-conferences about these topics ever to be held in Egypt.