Wadi ELRayan geological field trip

Our technical support for the students of Petroleum Engineering & Geology departments was and still one of our greatest aims and an important step for us as the Technical Portal.
On our way to achieve this vision, we have provided a Geological Field Trip to Wadi El Rayan for an opportunity to examine firsthand the results of time, weather and tectonic forces that will help you gain knowledge about the formation of reservoirs provided by expert geologists.
Opportunities: 20 opportunities. Location: Wadi El Rayan

Date :   Saturday, 27th of April.

Opportunities:  20 opportunities.

Location:  Wadi El Rayan.

Well control

The term well control refers to the control of downhole formation pressures penetrated by the well. There are three distinct well control levels that may occur during drilling operations

Halliburton directional drilling session

On Tuesday 8th, Decemeber, AAPG Suez organized a technical session about directional drilling at El-Ma'mal (hall 21) held by the directional drilling manager at Halliburton Dr. Diab Saad.