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Career Excellence Program

Career Excellence Program contains two main issues: English & Business with instructor: Mr. Amr Eid

Date : From 1-8 to 22-8-2016

Location : Suez, Egypt, elite center

participants : 90 Students

Projects : 9 sessions & Project

Petroleum Traps

Trap is a place where oil andgas are barred from further movement. The word trap was first applied to a hydrocarbon accumulation by Orton ( 1889 ). A trap may contain oil, gas or both depending on the chemistry and level of maturation of the source rock and on the pressure and temperature of the reservoir itself.

Why Freelancing !?

Out of the knowledge that a large segment of graduates find it really hard to find a job in the field they spent years studying in, we created an event that will talk about something that lately has become very popular which is freelancing.