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General Meeting

AAPG SU SC's members came in to the grand hall of the Engineer's Syndicate Suez Division. They were greeted by the officers and members of the organization committee who have all been decorating and setting up the posters of the workshops.
The meeting started by a welcoming from the president and the vice-president to the fresh members who have joined the chapter in the previous recruitment campaigns, followed by a greeting to the older members.
An introduction to this season's vision and new slogan of "Triple Yourself" followed the welcoming. The slogan set inspire and enforce the three basic building blocks of a successful member, student and young professional entails; Academic Achievement, Technology keep up and Interpersonal skills.
Successively, an introduction of AAPG as an international association, the Grants-inAid program, and the student chapter competitions that our chapter enters was given to the new members and served as a reminder for the leaders newly appointed.
Next came the members development program, the president spoke about the about the short term internal development workshops specialized for each committee arranged by the Human Resources departmgeneral In addition, the long term courses of development that would be introduced by professional instructors as external development.
Finally the most important portion of the members' development which received great emphasis from the president was the performance of the tasks delegated to the members, and how vital it was for the members to pay great attention to what they are asked to prepare, followed by honoring the best active members and leaders due to their outstanding performance.

Location : Al-Ma'mal campus


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Ambassadors For Dialogue

It was such a great chance for students from different cultures to gather and share their opinions, customs and knowledge as well.