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As described from our previous report the targets set for the Job Fair :

  • Becoming the first student run organization to host a Job Fair.
  • Hosting the first Job Fair is Suez Governorate, since all Job Fairs are carried out in the capital city, Cairo.
  • Taking part in solving the unemployment crisis in Egypt.
  • Educating the participants about demands of public and private companies working in Egypt, and the criteria upon which the applicants are assessed.
  • Bringing forth employment opportunities for fresh graduates.
  • Bringing forth summer internship opportunities for undergraduates.

The event was believed successful after fulfilling every one of these goals, to summarize the outcome of the event :

By cooperation with the ministry of youth and sports, the job fair has fulfilled its purpose by coming to life and becoming the 1st Job Fair outside the capital city and the 1st to be completely organized by a student organization.
15,000 participants turned up for the event, the majority from outside Suez came from Ismailia and Port Said 90 and 170 km respectively from Suez. Marking this job fair is one of the best publicized and events for AAPG SU SC to get involved in.
6000 jobs and position were offered by 41 companies exhibiting, 1700 of them were presented by companies participating from AAPG SU SC Public relations. Interviews started from inside the booths of the companies within the Job Fair.
One of the greatest benefits of the Job Fair for AAPG SU SC members and students of Suez University was a deal struck with EDS Egyptian Drilling Skills, an educational center with 4 branches spread through the Middle East, Providing technical and human resources courses for students and professionals.
As always there were some defect points which we wrote down and learnt from for our next Job Fair. The ratio of attendance to organizing members was relatively high; therefore, the future development would be to host an online registration for the attendance which would enable us to divide the attendees in two or three groups to schedule each group in successive timings.

Location : Suez Governorate

Contracts Regulations

After looking at possible places where we drill our first wildcat well based on data we gathered, processed and interrupted.

GMES Mini-Conference

On December 13, 2014, at the grand hall of Engineers’ Syndicate starting from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm, AAPG SU SC conducted one of the largest human resource, marketing and development courses ever to be held in Suez. The event was published in the national newspapers..