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Opening party

On Monday, 3rd December, 2014, came the opening party of the chapter,with the presence of the faculty advisor Prof. Dr. Ali Abbas and the vice president of the previous board Mr. Ahmed Osama. The opening party was friendly and flamboyant, as members enjoyed the getting to see the playful side of the officers and their leaders.

Location : Al-Ma'mal campus

4D Seismic Surveying

Seismic surveying can be limited to two dimensions:length and width, three dimensions:length,width and height and four dimensions:length,width ,height and time. The last one is called: 4D seismic surveying or time-lapse surveying.

General Meeting

IAAPG SU SC’s members came in to the grand hall of the Engineer’s Syndicate Suez Division. They were greeted by the officers and members of the organization committee who have all been decorating and setting up the posters of the workshops.